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'Help I lost my software registration'

PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY, this is the only and correct way to request lost registration details.

If you lost your software registration code we can lookup your registration details. Unlike other software vendors we do keep records of all sales and registration codes that were ever issued by Butel.
If you purchased from a dealer you need to contact them! Registrations codes of CDroms can NOT be recovered.
The service fee for looking up your registration details is only US$ 12.50 , if you do not pay the lookup service fee using the link below it may take up to 4 weeks before we resend the registration details. The email you enter must be the email that you used to make the purchase. We run a business so looking up your details takes time and time is money for a business. We only lookup unpaid requests every 4 weeks. If you did not hear back within 4 weeks we were not able to process your request.

We need the following information from you to make sure that you purchased a legal copy:

If any information is missing we can not PROCESS your request and will not answer your request. If you open any dispute you will be excluded from any future purchases.
We can only lookup registration codes that were emailed. If you purchased a CD and lost the box you must purchase a new CD.
If you purchased from a dealer you must contact that dealer.

Send email message to BuTel and include ALL details about the purchase.