BuTel Software - ARC-Sport software for Uniden SC230:

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ARC-Sport software
ARC-Sport LITE (introduction price)
only 19.95!

IMPORTANT: This version only works with the USA SC230 model. This software is NOT compatible with the EUROPEAN USC230 model.

Tax info:

All residents of the European Community must pay sales tax. Tax is automatically calculated at check out.
Please note that orders placed within the European Community without tax are not processed until tax is payed.
Because interfaces are shipped, there can be additional charges for local sales tax and import tax when we ship outside the European Community but this is unlikely because of the low value of the interfaces.

License info:

All prices shown are for a SINGLE user license and non professional users. If you own more then one computer you may install multiple copies of the software as long as the owner of the license is also operating the computer.
Professional users must buy a license for every scanner they are controlling. For large sites we can offer multi users licenses at special prices.

Delivery info:

Unless you ordered a Cdrom, software and/or registration codes are send to you by e-mail.
After your registration is received and processed, you will receive an e-mail from BuTel within 72 hours (usually within 8-16 hours) with the registration code.
PC interfaces are shipped using international Priority Airmail. These are shipped as low value items.
If you did not receive a response within 72 hours (3 WORKING days) please forward a copy of the payment confirmation e-mail to BuTel order processing.

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