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> ARC-300 software for GRE PRS-300/300C PSR-400/400C and Radioshack PRO-163/PRO-164/PRO-97/2055 and MFJ-8322

'ARC300 supports 8 models in one software package!'

Download the latest ARC300 V1.02

> ARC300 is dedicated programming software for the GRE PRS 300/C PSR 400/C and Radioshack PRO-163 / PRO-164 / PRO-97 / PRO-2055 scanner series and is the most user friendly software available for your GRE / RADIOSHACK scanner developed by the scanner software world market leader!

IMPORTANT: ARC300 V1.12 now supports the new PSR300C and PSR400C models!

> ARC300 1.12 is now available for download. The ARC300 software cdrom is available at our US dealers

>Overview of options in ARC300 :