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> ARC-310 software for GRE GRECOM PSR-310 / PSR-410 scanner series

Download ARC310 V1.00

> ARC310 is dedicated programming software for the GRE PSR-310 / PSR-410 models scanner series and is the most user friendly software available for your GRE scanner developed by the scanner software world market leader!

> The ARC310 software cdrom is also available at many US dealers

> Latest version: 1.00 (November '10)

ARC310 editor in 'standard' editor mode:

>Overview of options in ARC310:

* Radioreference import requires additional subscription and is NOT included with the ARC310 software

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> System Requirements:

  • Windows XP/2000/Vista/7
  • Min. 1024 x 800 screen resolution / small fonts
  • GRE PSR310 / PSR410
  • Radioshack PC interface cable 20-546 or 20-047 or the GRECOM USB cable.
  • IMPORTANT: Radioshack cables 20-048, 20-049 and 20-289 do NOT work with the PSR310/PSR410

    > Screenshots:

    > True Spreadsheet style grid editor with easy cut, copy, paste options:

    Editor in standard mode:

    Editor in expert mode:

    Expert settings:

    > Reband Utility:

    >CSV Mapper, import data from any csv or ascii text file: