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ARC404 software for Whistler WS1010, WS1025 RadioShack PRO_649, PRO-650, PRO-404, PRO-405 , GRE PSR-100 and PSR-200

New 2022 version coming soon !

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ARC404 is dedicated software for the PC programmable Whistler WS1010 WS1025 Radioshack PRO-649, PRO-650, PRO-404 (20-404), PRO-405 (20-405), GRE PSR-100, PSR-200 and MFJ-8311 scanners and is the most versatile software available for the Radioshack PRO-404 and PRO-405 scanners.

This software makes it very easy to program and backup your Radioshack scanner and is a must have for any serious scanner user!
For PRO-649 select PRO-404 in the software.
For PRO-650 select PRO-405 in the software.

IMPORTANT: this software does not support the GRE PSR200C model!

Screenshot from our memory editor: the most versatile memory editor available on the market:

Overview of options in ARC404:

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