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> ARC500PRO software for GRE PSR-500 / PSR-600 and RS PRO-106 / PRO-197 scanner series

'Scan like a PRO!'

Download ARC500 V1.14

> ARC500 PRO Information and Screenshots:

ARC500PRO with logger grid, all activity is stored in an easy readable grid. Double click a line for instant audio playback.
Software also logs subtones, RadioIDs and RSSI signal levels.

Data can be logged in a file, ARC500PRO also has powerful 'Log and Lockout' , 'Log and Resume' and 'Resume After' options for high speed data logging:

A built in recorder can be used to capture audio of all activity.
Audio is stored in individual audio wave files.
And with our 'no loss' recording technology you will record exactly what you hear.

Scanlists toggle:

> Virtual Control with our famous 'mini view' :

Mini View with Hold/Scan/Lockout buttons:

And this is our famous editor:

ARC500PR System Requirements:

  • Windows XP/2000/Vista/7/8/8.1 (both 32+64bit)
  • Min. 1024 x 800 screen resolution / small fonts
  • GRE PSR500 / PSR600 or Radioshack PRO-106 / PRO-197 / PRO-651 / PRO-652
  • Radioshack PC interface cable 20-047 / 20-546
  • IMPORTANT: Radioshack cables 20-048, 20-049 and 20-289 do NOT work with the PSR500/PSR600
  • ARC500PRO: 1/8" stereo cable for audio recording

    Comparison sheet ARC500 / ARC500PRO:
    Options: ARC500 ($39.95) ARC500PRO($69.95)
    Enhanced Editor for conv./trunk channels
    Yes Yes
    'Basic' Virtual Control
    Yes Yes
    RadioRef Import
    Yes Yes
    Automatic update check
    Yes Yes
    Data logging/history
    No Yes
    Automatic Resume/Negative Delay
    No Yes
    Log and resume/Log and lockout
    No Yes
    'no loss' Harddisk Audio Recording
    No Yes
    RadioReference Frequency Search
    No Yes
    Subtone logging
    No Yes