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ARC536 software information

'ARC536 is THE best selling software for the Uniden flagship scanners and is Windows 11 ready !

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ARC536 is your favorite software for the (u)BCD536HP, (u)BCD436HP, SDS100(E), SDS200(E), USDSD100 and UBCD3600XLT !
ARC536BASIC is programming software and ARC536PRO* also includes a very cool Virtual Control screen and an audio recorder!

The Uniden (u)BCD436HP/PT and (u)BCD536HP scanner comes with software but the included software has lots of limitations and the favorites editor to create new systems in Sentinel is too limited. ARC536 solves this problem with the only true excel style editor in the world!

Try the new V2.3 with SDS full VC support * !

ARC536PRO Manual addendum

With the ARC536 software you expand the functionality of your Uniden BCD436HP, BCD536HP and SDS scanners:

ARC536 is not a replacement for the Uniden Sentinel software. Sentinel is used to update firmware and the database in the HP-1. ARC536 is the preferred software tool to manage your favorites. ARC536PRO also adds virtual control and logging!

System requirements:

* Radioreference import requires additional subscription and is NOT included with ARC536.


ARC536PRO Virtual Control for SDS series:

ARC536PRO Virtual Control:

ARC536 bulk database editor:

ARC536 Latitude/Longitude search option with map:

ARC536PRO RadioReference database search:

'ARC536' contains Uniden proprietary and/or copyrighted information. Used under license.