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ARC-PATROL is your favorite programming software for creating and editing favorite lists in your HomePatrol HP1 and HP2 !
ARC PATROL also includes a very cool Virtual Control screen.

Now that thousands of folks are out there using the HomePatrol-1/2, many of them are also enjoying ARC PATROL so they can customize their new listening experience! Join today and expand your HP1 experience using ARC PATROL! ARC PATROL is the best selling software available for the HomePatrol HP-1/HP-2!

The Uniden Homepatrol HP1/HP2 comes with software but the included software has some limitations and the favorites editor to create new systems in Sentinel is very limited.

With ARC PATROL you expand the functionality of your HP-1 and HP-2:

NEW: ARC PATROL Introduction video

* Radioreference imports requires a copy of the Uniden Sentinel software to be installed.


Virtual Control:

RadioReference database search:

'ARC Patrol' contains Uniden proprietary and/or copyrighted information. Used under license.