ARC-series Spectrum Analyser

The ARC spectrum analyser is part of the ARC5000 and ARC8200 products (BC780XLT support under development). Here is some additional information.

What is a Spectrum Analyser?

A spectrum analyser will give you a graphical presentation of a certain frequency range. The ARC spectrum analyser has 3 operating mode:

- Realtime Mode: showing realtime activity in a selected search range
- Cumulative Mode: showing all highest signals received since analysis was started
- Hit Mode: showing frequency occupancy in percent since analysis was started
Some screenshots of these modes are available in the example at this site.

What can you do with a Spectrum Analyser?

You can use a spectrum analyser for several things. First it shows a grapical presentation of a certain frequency range. You can monitor activity to find new or empty frequencies. The occupancy will give you some information about how often a frequency is used.
Here is an example of Spectrum Analysis we did of a UFH cellular band in The Netherlands

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