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Hot news : ARC programming software for Icom IC-R30 now available!
R30 R30
ARC30 ARC I8600

NEW: ARC536 now supports the SDS 100!

NEW: ARC370 for the EU/UK Uniden UBC370CLT!

HOT SELLERS: ARC software for Uniden BCD436 and BCD536 with NXDN!
Uniden 436HP Uniden 536HP
ARC536 ARC536

HOT SELLERS: ARC software for Uniden 125 and Uniden 75!
Uniden 125 Uniden 75
ARC125 ARC75

ARC software for Icom IC-R20, IC-R5 and IC-R6 receivers only 29.95!
R20 R6

Latest News (July 2018):

BuTel Software News and Innovations:

Breaking news: software for Icom - R 30 and R 8600 now in development !

AOR DV10: at this moment there are no plans to develop software for DV10. We suggest to look at alternatives from Uniden or Icom R30.

ARC536 V 2.1 is out with NXDN and SDS100 support!

ARC370 now available for the new UBC370CLT EU/UK church/mosque base scanner

By polular request we are now accepting bitcoins. Please contact us by email for info.

Sale: ARC96 for PRO96/2096 only US$ 14.95!

New update: ARC125 for the BC125, UBC125, UBC126 and AE125H

New ARC DV1 PRO site licenses now available!

Looking for better Whistler TRX-1/TRX-2/1080/1088/1095/1098 programming software?

ARC XT 2.1 with dmr/mototrbo support now available!

Check out our software offerings for Icom R5, R6, R1500, R2500 and R20 receivers

We have software for almost every Radioshack and Whistler scanner. Click for an overview.

NEW: ARC software for Homepatrol and ARC310 for GRE PSR310!
HP1 PSR310

ARC - XT for Uniden XT series:

Most popular: Radioshack PRO-106/PRO-197 GRE 500/600 software:
PRO 106 PRO 197

A new star is born: Radioshack PRO-96/PRO-2096 software:

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