Software/Consultancy/MS service

Company Details:
BuTel Software and Consultancy BV (LLC)
Goeseelsstraat 35-A51
4817 MV Breda
The Netherlands

Po Box 101
4920 AC Made
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 162 684 476 (Dutch, English and German)

USA Sales: 1-800-SCANNER (sales only)

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Office is open weekdays 9:00 AM - 17.00 PM Central European Time ( GMT + 1 hour)

President: ing. Gommert Buijsen (B.Sc.) My LinkedIn Profile

We have dealers/distributors/shops in USA / The Netherlands / UK / Australia / Germany / Poland

BuTel software & Consulancy BV (LLC) was founded in 1999 and is a professional registered software company specialized in radio remote control software solutions for hobby and professional use. Among the professional users are Government agencies worldwide, Airtraffic Control centers and large TV/News networks.
We co-operate with leading scanner/consultancy companies in USA like ScannerMaster Corp. and Uniden. We design OEM scanning radio software.
We also work worldwide as an independant service consultant for the scientific industry (mass spectrometry).
BuTel is the world's largest producer of software for scanners and communications receivers.

BuTel is a registered company (BV/LLC) residing in The Netherlands
Dutch Chamber of commerce registration #: 20091738 since 1999
EU VAT tax ID: NL81565188