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> ARC-500 software for Radioshack PRO-651/PRO-652/PRO-106/PRO-197 and GRE PSR-500 / PSR-600 and Whistler WS1040/WS1065 scanner series

'ARC500 2022 version now available!'

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> ARC500 is the most popular programming software for the Whistler WS1040/WS1065/GRE PSR-500/PSR-600 and Radioshack PRO-106/PRO-197/PRO-651/PRO-652 models scanner series and is also the most user friendly software available for your scanner developed by the scanner software world market leader! ARC500PRO adds powerful data logging and digital audio recording!

>ARC500BASIC V2 / 2022 version is now on sale!

> The ARC500 software on USB is also available at many US dealers

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ARC500 editor in 'standard' mode:

Virtual Control:

Mini View:

>Overview of options in ARC500:

* Radioreference import requires additional subscription and is NOT included with the ARC500 software

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> System Requirements:

  • Windows 7/8/10 (32 or 64 bit)
  • Min. 1024 x 800 screen resolution / small fonts
  • Wistler WS1040/WS1065 GRE PSR500 / PSR600 or Radioshack PRO-106 / PRO-197 / PRO-651 / PRO-652
  • Radioshack PC interface cable 20-047 / 20-546
  • IMPORTANT: Radioshack cables 20-048, 20-049 and 20-289 do NOT work with these scanners
  • ARC500PRO: 1/8" stereo cable for audio recording

    Comparison sheet ARC500 / ARC500PRO:
    Options: ARC500 ($39.95) ARC500PRO($69.95)
    Enhanced Editor for conv./trunk channels
    Yes Yes
    'Basic' Virtual Control
    Yes Yes
    RadioRef Import
    Yes Yes
    Automatic update check
    Yes Yes
    Data logging/history
    No Yes
    Automatic Resume/Negative Delay
    No Yes
    Log and resume/Log and lockout
    No Yes
    'no loss' Harddisk Audio Recording
    No Yes
    Subtone logging
    No Yes

    > Screenshots:

    > True Spreadsheet style grid editor with easy cut, copy, paste options:

    Editor in standard mode:

    Editor in expert mode:

    Expert settings:

    > ARC500PRO Virtual Control with log grid:

    > Virtual Control with our famous 'mini view' :

    > Setup Scanlist Names:

    > Reband Utility:

    >CSV Mapper, import data from any csv or ascii text file: