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> ARC-96 software for RS PRO-96 , PRO-2096 and DSE DTS-96

'ARC96 is now on sale for only US$ 19.99'

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> ARC96 is by far the most popular and cheapest programming software for the Radioshack PRO-96 / PRO-2096 / DSE DTS96 scanner series, it is also the most user friendly software available for your Radioshack PRO-96 and/or PRO-2096 digital scanner developed by the scanner software world market leader!

> Latest version is ARC96 now V1.23 build 1 , Click to download now.

> The ARC96 software cdrom is available at our US dealers

>Overview of options in ARC96 the *star* programming software for your PRO-96:

> System Requirements:

> Screenshots (click for larger image):

> True Spreadsheet style grid editor with easy cut, copy, paste options:

> Reband Utility:

>CSV Mapper, import data from any csv or ascii text file: