ARC PATROL for Homepatrol 1/2

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ARC Patrol for Uniden HP1/HP2 scanners



With ARC PATROL you expand the functionality of your HP-1 and HP-2:

  • True Excel style editor with cut/copy/paste options
  • Add any frequency or talkgroup that is not in the built-in database
  • Add/Modify a control channel frequency
  • Add a trunk system that is not in the built-in database
  • Add Nascar and other race frequencies
  • Add Service Searches to your HP1/HP2 (many Service Search files are included with ARC PATROL)
  • Free Radioreference system imports*
  • Easily share you favorite hpd files with other HP1 users.
  • Change Alpha tags
  • Change or add subtones
  • Add Airband, CB, Marine, Railroad, FRS and GMRS frequencies
  • Change the service type of frequencies and/or talkgroups
  • Search a frequency range
  • Re-order or Rename favorite lists
  • 'Bulk' edit channel parameters
  • Convert V1.0 HPD files into V2.0 format
  • Virtual Control with built-in RadioReference frequency search (requires HP1/HP2 extreme firmware upgrade)

NEW: ARC PATROL Introduction video

    • Other features in ARC PATROL:

  • ARC-PATROL includes the most versatile and most feature rich editor available on the market.
  • ARC-PATROL combines the best of 2 worlds! With ARC-PATROL you can directly access (*) the Database and import trunk and conventional systems directly into your HP-1!
  • Built-in RadioReference frequency search (requires additional subscription)
  • Handy tools menu
  • Copy/paste departments between systems, building new favorite systems was never this easy!
  • ARC PATROL automatically detects your HP1/2 and creates the favorite files for you!
  • ARC PATROL discussion at
  • Windows XP/2000/Vista/ 7 / 8 / 10 , minimum 1024x800 video, 512 RAM. Uniden HomePatrol HP1 or HP2 connected using USB cable (supplied with Homepatrol).
  • ARC Patrol Q & A
  • ARC Quick Reference Manual
  • 'ARC Patrol' contains Uniden proprietary and/or copyrighted information. Used under license.
  • Dealers/affiliates are welcome!
  • All updates are free for registered users

    ARC PATROL is not a replacement for Uniden Sentinel software. Sentinel is used to update firmware and the database in the HP-1/2. ARC PATROL manages your favorites.

* Radioreference imports requires a copy of the Uniden Sentinel software to be installed.

Data sheet

Windows 7/8/10
Software Type
Programming and basic virtual control
Software Options import
Virtual control


ARC Patrol software


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