After you completed your purchase you will receive a unique software key by email. This process takes less than a minute.

If you did not receive an email please first check your spam/bulk email folders.

The software key is also printed on the PDF receipt that you will receive by email.

If you created an account at this website you can also directly access the keys in your account (see below for screenshot)

This key must be entered in the demo software to disable demo mode.

We do not ship cdroms or usb sticks. If you like a cdrom or USB version please visit one of our dealers in EUROPE or USA. 

US based customers can call Scannermaster Sales desk at 1-800-SCANNER to order a cdrom or USB stick.

We offer free demo versions of our software. You must try and verify the software works before making your purchase.

By completing the purchase process you agree that the software works as advertised.

Software purchase are non refundable. 

You are allowed to install and use the same software key on two different PC's. 

Software keys may not be shared. Your software will automatically verify the key and we deserve the right to lock your key if the same software key is used at different IP addresses or geo locations. 

If you initiate a chargeback you will be excluded from any future purchases.

Keys in your account: