Lost Key information:

if you purchased your software key on the new website then you can find your keys in your account.

if you purchased your key on the old butel.nl website then this is the only and correct way to retrieve your keys:

We process these requests every 2 weeks, do not send us multiple emails!

We need the following information from you to make sure that you purchased a legal copy:

  1. Which software you purchased*
  2. Purchase date*
  3. Original email address used for registration*
  4. Transaction ID (see your credit card/Paypal history)*

* = required!

If any information is missing we can not PROCESS your request and will not answer your request. If you open any dispute you will be excluded from any future purchases.

Unlike other software vendors we do keep records of all sales and registration codes that were ever issued by Butel.

If you purchased from a dealer you need to contact them! 

Registrations codes of CDroms/USB devices can NOT be recovered.

This service is free, we process these requests every 2 weeks so you may have to wait two weeks before you receive a response.