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ARC246 for Uniden BC246T scanner


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  • •ARC246 is dedicated software for the Uniden BC246T and is the most versatile software available. 
  • Free BC246T clone utility is included with ARC246. 
  • •ARC246 combines the best of 2 worlds! ARC246 can now directly access (*) the Database! and import trunk and conventional systems! 
  • (*) Requires additional subscription to 
  • •QuickKey Overview: 'Drag and Drop' your systems or groups in QuickKeys and print overview for 'on the road'. 
  • •Copy/paste groups between systems, building new systems was never this easy! 
  • •Enhanced Virtual Control that displays active Frequency and Logs data. 
  • •'intelli upload': Replaces systems that are stored in your scanner without having to reset your scanner first! ARC246 will never reset your scanner! 
  • •Read/write single or selected systems from/to BC246T 
  • •Trunk WebCatcher: Import Trunk id's and tags directly from popular websites 
  • •WebLink: Store a website in a system file and checking for the latest updates requires only one mouse click. 
  • •Don't have a serial port? ARC246 also works with the Uniden USB-1 cable. 
  • •Windows 7/8/10/11
  • •All updates are free 
  • Key words: 246 246T

Data sheet

Scanner Model
Uniden BC246T
Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / 11
Software Type
Programming and virtual control

Demo Download


Demo Download (9.99M)