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Download the latest ARC DV1 version 1.5 with Tetra GSSI support!

ARC DV1 is dedicated software for the new AOR AR-DV1 digital receiver! ARC DV1 is the best selling and cheapest programming software for the DV1 and is available at AOR dealers worldwide. ARC DV1 PRO includes all features of ARC DV1 BASIC plus a very enhanced virtual control with logging and audio recording used by many government agencies worldwide!
ARC DV1 BASIC is the AOR preferred software for the DV1 and is now available at AOR dealers worldwide! By popular request we now also offer a site license for ARC DV1 PRO for 5 receivers.

  • New: ARC DV1 PRO manual Tetra support addendum
  • Purchase AOR DV1 PRO GSSI option at AOR website, for support contact AOR

    Screenshot from our versatile memory editor:

    Screenshot from ARC DV1 PRO VC:

    Screenshot from ARC DV1 PRO VC with Tetra support:

    Overview of options in ARC DV1 basic and pro:

    Download the ARC DV1 BASIC or PRO software demo.


  • Software license fee is only 49.95 (excl. vat/tax) per receiver for ARC DV1 basic or 79.95 (excl. vat/tax) per receiver for ARC DV1 PRO. Contact us for multiple receiver site license pricing details. For US you can order by phone: 1-800-SCANNER or visit Scannermaster.com or look for an AOR dealer near you.

    Order your copy of ARC DV1 today !

    Important: ARC DV1 basic is programming software only! Strictly no refunds on any software purchase.


    Our versatile data editor:

    CSV import and mapper:

    Banklink editor:

    Pass frequency editor:

    Offset data editor:

    RadioReference import:

    SD card manager:

    Screenshots of Virtual control in ARC DV1 PRO:

    Search Range Extender:

    Realtime RadioReference frequency search: