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ARC536PRO SDS100E/200E/3600xlt/436/536 software download

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ARC536PRO Windows programming and control software for Uniden SDS100E/SDS200E/UBCD3600XLT

Strictly no refunds on software downloads, try the free demo before making your purchase.


  • ARC536PRO : programming and control software for Uniden SDS/436/536 series
  • With the ARC536 software you expand the functionality of your Uniden BCD436HP, BCD536HP and SDS scanners:
  • Edit multiple HPD files at the same time!
  • Windows 7/8/10/11
  • dPMR support for SDS100E/SDS200E * models
  • True Excel style editor with cut/copy/paste options
  • Add any frequency or talkgroup that is not in the built-in database
  • Add/Modify a control channel frequency
  • Add a trunk system that is not in the built-in database
  • Add Nascar and other race frequencies
  • Add Service Searches to your (u)BCDx36HP (many Service Search files are included with ARC536)
  • Easily share you favorite hpd files with other BCD436/BCD536/HomePatrol users.
  • Change Alpha tags
  • Change or add subtones
  • Import data from www.radioreference.com (additional subscription required)
  • Add Airband, CB, Marine, Railroad, FRS and GMRS frequencies
  • Change the service type of frequencies and/or talkgroups
  • Search a frequency range
  • Duplicate finder for frequencies and talkgroups
  • Re-order or Rename favorite lists
  • Only homepatrol software with built-in GPS latitude/Longitude/zipcode search function
  • Map functions for lat/long/zip search function
  • Edit multiple systems
  • import HPE files
  • 'Bulk' edit channel parameters
  • 'Bulk' Edit Database files so you can change delay and alert setting in the database
  • ARC536PRO: Full Virtual Control of BCD436HP, BCD536HP, SDS100(E), SDS200(E), USDS100 and UBC3600XLT
  • built-in RadioReference.com frequency search
  • ARC536PRO: Scan and search buttons
  • ARC536PRO: History Logging
  • ARC536PRO: Log close call hits
  • ARC536PRO: Log FTO hits
  • ARC536PRO: 'No loss' Audio Recording

System requirements:

  • Windows 7/8/10/11
  • minimum 1024x800 video, 512 RAM.
  • Uniden Sentinel software installed

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Data sheet

Scanner Model
Uniden SDS100
Uniden SDS200
Uniden UBCD3600XLT
Delivery Type
Delivery by email within 24 hours
Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / 11
Program type
Programming and virtual control
Program options
CSV support
Free updates
Print option
Radioreference.com import
Virtual control




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