Yes you can, please purchase the upgrade option using this link: ARC Upgrade , we also need a copy of your basic license details. These orders are processed manually so it can take up to two working days to process them. Thank you.

Yes you can, please visit our US distributor Scannermaster

The software is an electronic download. We do not ship items. If you are looking for  USB or CD version please visit ScannerMaster or call 1-800-SCANNER

After you completed the purchase we will send you an email with your unique software keys. This may take a few minutes to arrive. if you created an account then your keys are also visible in the Keys section of your account:

To register the software start your scanner software. Go to Help _ About and there enter your key details. Keys are emailed to you after the purchase. If you did not receive an email please first check your spam/bulk email folders.