Download the software from our website and use your keycode from the cd to activate the software.

All software downloads include a manual in PDF format. Download the software for your specific scanner and install it. After installation start the ARC software and then you can open the PDF manual by selecting Help _ Open manual in the software.

For ARC500/ARC500PRO an online manual is available.

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In the past we used a name/key combination but customers where entering their own name. We changed this to key1/key2.

So in the key1 field enter the 'name' from the original registration and in the key2 field enter the 'key' from the original registration.

Also refer to this link for important info about the registration

The software download is a so called zip file. Windows natively supports this format. After downloading double click on the zip file to open it. You can then double click the file to install the software.

You can install and activate the software on two different PC's. If you use more PC's then you need to purchase additional licenses.

Installing ARC scanner software:

Butel ARC software is very easy to install. In our catalog of products locate the Demo Download tab. There you can download the software as a zip file.

Download the zip to a for example your desktop. Double click the zip file. You will now see the installer software. Double click the exe file. This will install the demo software. After installation is completed you can start to use the demo software. If you purchased a software license select Help _ Register in the software and enter your license details. That will disable demo mode.