The selected com/usb port is not in use or is used by other software. Open the Windows device manager and locate the port number assigned to the USB device:

For example in this situation there are to USB ports active and one is assigned COM4 and the other is assigned COM5:

Yes, all software updates are free. 

Yes you can, if you own an official BuTel cdrom with key codes then you can also use that license to activate the same software from our download page:

Sorry these software packages are discontinued and not available anymore because they will not run on windows 7 / 8 / 10 / 11

Please visit this website: for online scanner manuals and tips and tricks

BASIC is programming software, PRO also includes Virtual scanner control, logging and audio recording. Please refer to the specific PRO software pages for detailed info.

This is normal operation. After your purchase you received a software key by email. In the demo software select Help _ Register and now enter your key license details. Restart the software and then you are all set.

No sorry, Windows only. we have no plans for developing software for MAC/IOS.

keywords: MAC OS ios

Sorry, if your scanner model is not listed then we do not sell software for that model.

We stopped selling software for the Uniden BC780XLT, Icom R2 and Icom R3 because those packages will not run on windows 7/8/10/11.

We do not have software for Whistler TRX-1 and TRX-2 because Whistler does not allow 3rd party software development for those units.

No sorry, please contact Scannermaster at 1-800-SCANNER for programming services.

No sorry, support is by email or live chat only.

We also offer support via teamviewer for a fee of US$ 25 per 15 minutes.

No sorry, we do not sell cables, only software downloads.

Here are a few links for scanner cables purchases:

ScannerMaster cables

Whistler cables

Bluemax cables 

Whistler Cable WS1040/Ws1065

Keywords: communication cable usb usb1 serial

Butel does not supply USB drivers because we do not supply USB hardware. We have a few common drivers listed here:  (for reference only). 

For most uniden scanners the drivers are included with the ARC software.

If you purchased the software license at one of our new website and created an account then the keys are stored in your account. Please do note that we have two different websites, one for EU/UK and one for US/rest of the world so make sure to visit the correct one. Look at the Butel logo at the top of this page to verify which website you are visiting.

If you did not create an account or purchased at the old website please refer to this page.

It is not possible to retreive keys from a CDROM or USB purchase. If you purchased from a dealer you need to contact them for support.

All software keys are tested and verified and work:

  • The license key is case sensitive. 
  • The license key must be entered with the dashes
  • You must type in the license , copy/paste from email will not work
  • Make sure you installed the correct version of the software (BASIC or PRO) for your license

Locate the original email that was sent to you. If you purchased a CDROM or USB version the key is printed on a sticker inside the case.

If you entered the correct key but the software does not 'remember' the key please refer to this page

Some older software packages like ARC83 and ARC433 must be run with administrative rights. please refer to this page for details how to set administrative rights.